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AL ANDALUS PHOTO TOUR is Peter Manschot's photography project, driven by his deep passion for travel and nature. Over the years, Peter has dedicated himself to capturing the essence of the most captivating landscapes, capturing his experience in five author books and numerous world-renowned works. You are not here just as a companion on a trip, but with the aspiration of offering a transformative experience that leaves a lasting mark on the lives of those who participate. Its approach goes beyond clichés, seeking to promote understanding of diverse points of view and adjust the scale of what is really considered important.

We are not limited to being your companions on a trip; We aspire to provide you with a transformative experience that leaves a lasting mark on your life. We aim not only to show you a different perspective, but to challenge you to question your convictions and explore new ways of existing. We seek to go beyond clichés, promote understanding of diverse points of view and adjust the scale of what you truly consider important.

Imagine working on the beach, dancing in the midday sun, venturing out to try unusual flavors, or reflecting on choosing a new path in a market. And why not explore a new form of spirituality or simply embrace the absence of it? Take your camera with you, but more than a device, as a tool to redefine your perception of the environment and capture everything we long to share with you.

Instead of simply scrolling through, we encourage you to immerse yourself in an experience that will broaden your horizons and challenge you to question what is taken for granted. Discover with us a unique way of approaching life.

In AL ANDALUS PHOTO TOUR, Peter merges his dedication to photography with his fascination for spectacular destinations. Since 2000, he has explored and photographed the most photogenic places in Andalusia and beyond. Inspired by his own journey, he decided to share his knowledge and love of photography through trips and workshops starting in 2015. He has guided photography enthusiasts on dozens of photography trips, from lush forests to volcanic coastlines, capturing spectacular moments. The AL ANDALUS PHOTO TOUR team, led by Peter, is not only made up of professional photographers, but also passionate teachers who enjoy teaching and sharing knowledge. If you are looking for a unique experience, where photography merges with the exploration of outstanding landscapes, AL ANDALUS PHOTO TOUR is the right choice. He can be contacted at info@alandalusphoto.com to find out how to join in on the next photography adventure.

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