Online workshops

Online workshops

We offer online photography courses on different topics; from personalized Photoshop classes to group sessions for composition courses with portfolio viewings.


Landscapes to seduce, to fall in love, to inspire, to move...

Timetable: Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 18:30-20h.
Duration: 15 classes.
Price: 250€.
Start: October (last class to be agreed)


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Greetings from Andalusia! I am Peter Manschot, a passionate landscape photographer with Dutch roots, but with my heart rooted in this land I call home for the last two decades. My life has become a constant adventure, exploring, camping, and capturing the essence of the landscapes around me.

Throughout my photographic career, I have had the privilege of holding exhibitions, publishing author books, winning awards, and participating in various courses, workshops, and photographic journeys. Although I have already come a long way, I am still eager to learn and discover more.

I invite you to explore a compilation of my work at, where you can immerse yourself in the beauty captured through my lens. Also, if you are looking for unique photographic experiences, check out my activities in the Al Andalus Photo Tour project. Join me on this exciting visual journey through magnificent Andalusia - I hope you enjoy the adventure as much as I do!


Instagram Al Andalus Photo Tour: alandalusphoto

Instagram Peter Manschot: alandalusphoto


In this course I would like to share my knowledge acquired over the last 20 years and give you suggestions and tips for your photographs, with the idea of getting more out of them and strengthening your personal line of work and vision, which is as unique as it is valuable and important.

It focuses on composition and is structured around 15 compositional themes, with tips to make your images more dynamic, creative and original (distinguishing them from the thousands of photos that flood the social networks every day) and more apt to convey your ideas, concerns, emotions...


I will bring my photos (both the successful and the not so successful) and knowledge to the course through a thematic introduction in each session, although the protagonism corresponds to you and your images. 

We share images in a non-competitive and non-comparative atmosphere, but rather in an atmosphere of mutual learning and inspiration to analyse their strengths, their possible improvements, their concept or intention.

For me there is no such thing as a "bad" image, the photos that have not worked are valuable information, learning and a basis for doing things better...

The classes are 90 minutes long, of which a part corresponds to a theoretical and practical introduction of a topic related to the photographic composition of the landscape, the remaining amount of time is dedicated to comment and learn from your photographs.


The course is suitable for all levels of photographers, it is not essential to have a reflex camera or knowledge of Photoshop/developing to attend. To participate you need to have an internet connection, a camera and the Zoom software installed.

For the sessions you will have to prepare a selection of 10 of your own images for each class. It is interesting to share both the images achieved and some of those that (for compositional reasons) did not work.

"I just went out for a walk but ended up staying until sunset, because when I came out I realised that I was actually going in". - John Muir

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