The rule/recommendation of thirds in compositions ...
From “thirds” to “eighths”...

The challenge for many photographers is often to make an image dynamic, deep, attractive, as if it were a three-dimensional work... 

The recommendation of "The Thirds" is a very useful suggestion to make our images more striking, although it also has its difficulties and nuances, as we will see in this article...

Landscape photography: The use of filters in our photos

The polarizing filter: a "Before" and an "After" in
our images.

This filter is essential if we want to capture a landscape with vivid colors and achieve a photographic result similar to how we have seen the scene with our own eyes in terms of chromaticism.

In this chapter we talk about colors in our photographs, the difficulties of capturing them correctly and how the use of filters can help us achieve this.

Presentation book "Flow..and Resist!"

In this post a brief presentation of my latest author's book, published through a crowdfunding campaign. The work is titled "Flow... and resist!" and contains abstract and landscape photography, portraying the most singular places of the Peninsula and beyond..

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