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International Photo Tour
Basque Country
6 to 12 May

About the places to visit:

The Basque Country is an ideal destination for photographers, since it is wild, sparsely populated, with landscapes as beautiful as exceptional, a place with a lot of charm and with relatively unknown locations. On this trip we will visit not only the most emblematic places of the coasts but we will visit some lesser-known but equally photogenic inland or coastal locations. Beaches with impressive "Flysch" shapes, large rocks, surprising "geoforms" such as misty forests with ferns, furrowed by the turquoise waters of a river and its waterfalls are some of the ingredients of this trip.  Apart from contemplating and photographing its incredible landscapes, the trip offers many opportunities for photographers of abstract detail photography

About the workshops: 

The trips and workshops are organized by teachers with proven experience in landscape and night photography and are aimed at a wide audience; from those who are interested in knowing interesting places, the amateur photographer with a desire to learn or profile his/her knowledge to the professional, interested in expanding her/his photographic portfolio.
The workshops seek to familiarize participants with the different theoretical and practical aspects of landscape and night photography and prepare them for the different situations and possibilities on the locations. The photographic sessions are in that line focused on learning and applying the concepts previously treated in the theoretical workshops. The photo sessions also allow the participants to know spectacular places from the natural, cultural and landscape point of view, and spend a pleasant stay in them, accompanied by expert photographers with good knowledge of the area who will be at the full disposal of the attendees to answer any questions and facilitate appropriate advice.
The workshop or journey also includes viewings of the pictures taken by the students, in which the technical and aesthetic aspects of the images are commented with advice on how to improve in both aspects. Although it is not required, it is recommended to participate with basic knowledge of photography to get more out of the trip.

Recommended (photographic) material:

Although it is not essential to attend, it is recommended to go with a digital camera to get more out of the workshops. As complementary materials we advise to bring a tripod, polarizing filters, gradient and neutral grey filters (of different densities), trigger cable, lens clean kit, batteries and charger, umbrella and rain cover (just in case) for the camera and front.

To move around the photographic locations it is essential to have good footwear, preferably hiking boots.

To get to the photographic locations some itineraries pass through unpaved roads, normally passable for cars in normal conditions and in some cases it would be necessary to do some hiking on foot so we recommend that the participants are accustomed to walking in the nature and that they have a minimum physical condition and agility, to be able to reach the locations and enjoy them.
The realization of the photographs depends largely on the weather of the locations.  Al Andalus Photo Tour reserves the right to modify schedules and routes in case circumstances require it (e.g. Rains, poor condition access roads) in benefit of the participants and the photos to be taken.


Day 1.
Meeting at Bilbao Airport. Depending on the arrival time we can make a first incursion to the beaches of the Flysch. At night we will carry out the first landscape photography workshop, focused on the locations of this trip.

Day 2.

Today we will visit other beaches with impressive Flysch formations. The locations offer great opportunities to photograph both the large landscape and take abstract (detail) photographs. In the evening we will do a workshop on abstract (detail) photography.

Day 3.

We go out to photograph the impressive "geoforms"; very attractive rock details to make beautiful abstract images. In the afternoon we will make the last visit to the beaches of the Flysch. After dinner we will view and comment the photographs of the participants.

Day 4.

Today we will visit other locations of surprising "geoforms" to advance into the realization of our abstract photographs and if time allows and accompanies, a visit to the magical beech forest. At night we do a workshop and practice of night photography.

Day 5.

Visit to a misty forest. We will photograph large stones covered with moss and ferns in the middle of the beech forest. In the evening we will make the last viewing of the photos of the participants.

Day 6.

A last day of taking pictures of geoforms

Day 7.

Before we return we visit the "enchanted forest" and a nearby beach with interesting stone and moss formations.

Duration: 7 days (6 nights)

Participants: 6 minimum, 12 maximum.

Supplement 5 people 100 €
Supplement 4 people 150 €

Check conditions to make the trip in your own vehicle

The trip includes:
Accommodation in a double room with bathroom.
Meals (breakfast, picnic and dinner).
The first day includes dinner, the last day includes breakfast and lunch.
Transportation to the hotel and locations.
Accompanying professional photographer.
Landscape photography workshops.
Viewing of the photos of the participants.

Not included:
Travel or cancellation insurance.   
Languages: Spanish, English, German and Dutch.


You can make the reservation with our travel agency Alventus & Años Luz


The contact person is Rosa: (00 34) 954210062/ rosa@alventus.com

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