Los Alcornocales; Subtropical forests and Flysch beaches BEACHES


Landscape Photography Workshop From 4 to 7 april (4 days)

Los Alcornocales Workshop, Cádiz.

This unknown place is home to one of the best-preserved native forests in Europe.

The vegetation here is surprisingly dense and subtropical, at the southernmost point of the south. Mist forests with moss and ferns growing even on tree trunks and branches, rivers and waterfalls, cork oak groves, gall oak groves and flysch beaches are some of the ingredients of a landscape that invites us to explore, walk, photograph and enjoy.

We will enjoy the magic of the exuberant vegetation of subtropical character, where species such as the cork oak in extensive forests, the ojaranzo or rhododendron (subspecies Ponticum baeticum), the carnivorous plant Drosophyllum lusitanicum as well as numerous types of ferns stand out. Apart from these dense cloud forests and "los canutos", there are also steep areas with gorges and waterfalls, as well as the "bujeos" with their extensive green meadows for most of the year.

During the workshop we will also visit the nearby Natural Park of the Strait, where we will explore its impressive and photogenic rocky beaches of the "Flysch" type and also enjoy privileged views over the Strait and the mountains of Morocco. We also portray the beaches of the Gaditana Coast, with its impressive dunes and photogenic maritime erosive formations. There is also the possibility of adding an "extra" for those who love wildlife...

About the workshops

The trips and workshops are taught by teachers with proven experience in landscape and night photography and are aimed at a wide audience; from the tourist who is interested in discovering interesting places, the amateur who wants to learn or refine his knowledge to the professional who intends to expand his photographic portfolio.

The workshops try to familiarize participants with the different theoretical and practical aspects of landscape and night photography and prepare them for different situations and possibilities in the field.

The photographic outings are in this line, focused on learning and applying the concepts previously covered in the theoretical workshops, they also allow participants to get to know spectacular places from the natural, cultural and landscape point of view and spend a pleasant stay in them, accompanied by photographers. knowledgeable experts in the area who will be at the full disposal of attendees to answer any questions and provide appropriate advice.

The workshop also includes projections for viewing the work done by the students, in which the technical and aesthetic aspects of the images are discussed, accompanied by advice on how to improve in both aspects.

Recommended (photographic) material


  • 15:30h: Welcome and photographic outing

  • 21:30h: Dinner


  • 09:00h: Breakfast

  • 09:30h: Photographic route

  • 14:00h: Lunch (picnic)

  • 16:30h: Welcome and photographic outing

  • 20:00h: Landscape photography workshop

  • 21:30h: Dinner


  • Sunrise departure (optional)

  • 09:00h: Breakfast

  • 09:30h: Photographic route

  • 14:00h: Lunch (Picnic)

  • 15:00h: Continuation of the photographic route

  • 21:00h: Dinner

  • 22:00h: Departure for night photography (optional)


  • Sunrise departure (optional)

  • 09:00h: Breakfast

  • 09:30h: Photographic route

  • 13:00h: Commented viewing of the students' work

  • 14:30h: Farewell meal

Duration: weekend.

Students: 6 minimum, 12 maximum.

Languages: Spanish, English, German and Dutch.

Includes: hotel on a full board basis. Theoretical and practical classes. Travel from the hotel in private cars (shared) to carry out the routes. Viewing the photographic works of the participants after the workshop.

Price Complete workshop:

  • 384 euros in a double room. 

  • 460 in a single room. (Full board). 

  • Discount of 50 euros for companions.

Price From Friday at noon: 

  • 299 euros in a double room. 

  • 356 in single room. (Full board).

  • Discount of 50 euros for companions.

Final note: the taking of photographs depends largely on the time in the field. Andalusia has a good climate with many hours of sunshine and few rainy days, however the weather can vary.

Al Andalus Photo Tour reserves the right to modify schedules and routes if circumstances require it (e.g. rain, poor access roads) for the good of the participants and the photos to be taken. To move around the photographic locations it is essential to have good footwear, preferably mountain boots. For insects, it is recommended to wear long pants, a hat, light clothing, and a repellent.

Hotel Mesón de Sancho 

  • https://www.mesondesancho.com/

  • Dirección. Ctra. N. 340 Cádiz-Málaga Km. 94 - Tarifa (Cádiz) Ctra. Nacional 340,

  • Teléfono: 34 956 684 900

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